About to Company Name

'Ma'wa' is and Arabic word which means a place of shelter and proection. We are very much inspired by Arabic language because The Holy Qur'an is in Arabic language. Ma'wa Engineering Works was started in 2005. Its founder Mr. Vali Ahmed Khan is a Mechanical Engineer graduated from prestigious M.S. University, Baroda. The first product of this company was a Force Measuring Equipment. Well it sounds absurds that a mechanical engineer developing electronic gadgets but the roots and the inspiration of this equipment lies in valves. As this device was one of the best equipment for calibration of valves. As you all know that according to international standards, a ball valve must operate at certain force, if not that it doesn't qualify those standards. This gadget was used to find the force applied in the operation, and once you know the force, you can modify a bit and then bring it upto the standards. This gadget reached to big names of valve industry in India.

In 2006, Mr. Khan started designing and manufacturing butterfly valves and successfully supplied to Europe and Middle East specially Egypt, and after that the journey of Ma'wa Engineering Works started.

Our Quality Assurance Plan